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All our teams and personnel are committed to implementing and maintaining the highest working standards. Our purchasing department and engineers must perform full product due diligence, including checking if all vendor QMS and API certifications are in place and up to date and that all elements comply with our company-formulated quality management system and policy.

We are currently preparing our ISO Certification application to secure our Quality Management System certificate.

We work with top-tier factories and vendors who take quality matters and systems seriously and consolidate their internationalization process. Secured and up-to-date QMS and API certifications are a must-have for factories and vendors before we start talking business.

All factories and vendors we agree to work with must have in-house inspectors working from within their factory, with a mature and ready set of standards and minimum Acceptable Quality Limits (AQL). This allows us to ask for quality control reports at all points in the production process. We also have systems where we can request third-party quality control players to come in and inspect equipment quality before shipment and at every delivery stage.